Abortion Laws in IL

Definition of Legal Abortion in the State of IL

If the fetus is not viable (able to survive outside the womb), and abortion is not necessary to preserve the mother’s health, an MD must certify nonviability.

If the fetus is viable, the abortion must be medically necessary to preserve the life and health of the mother, and an MD must certify this necessity. 1

IL Abortion Laws Regarding Minors

In Illinois, a minor’s parent or guardian must be notified of the minor’s intent to receive an abortion; the parent or guardian must sign a form acknowledging that they have been notified, but they do not need to actually sign for the procedure itself. Notification must be take place a minimum of 48 hours prior to the procedure. Judicial bypass is available. Exceptions to this abortion law can be made in the case of medical emergency, or abuse, assault, incest, or neglect cases. 2 3

Your Options Under the Abortion Laws

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