Home Pregnancy Test Tips

Follow these tips to ensure the greatest accuracy of your home pregnancy test.

  • Read the instructions! Each test is different and directions need to be followed correctly.
  • Don’t test too early. It’s usually advised to wait 5-7 days after missing a period. Check the sensitivity of the test you are using.
  • Know your cycle.
  • Read your results correctly. Reading results too early or too late can give incorrect results. Know the test’s positive and negative indicators.
  • Follow all instructions properly.
  • Have a clock or timer with you.
  • Use morning urine because it will have the highest concentration of hCG present.
  • Know the factors that can interfere with results – for example, certain medications or medical treatments, birth control history, etc.
  • Be confident when testing. Practice taking a test or two.
  • Call the number on the box with any questions regarding directions or reading results. 1
  • If you’re still not sure, or want a free and professional confirmation, call WOWC at (815) 408-0793. We will be glad to give you a free pregnancy confirmation.


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