STDs and Women’s Health

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are infections spread by sexual contact with skin, genitals, mouth, rectum, or body fluids. Some STDs can be treated and others cannot. People can have an STD and not even be aware they have it.  1 According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 out of 4 women between the ages of 14 and 19 is infected with at least one STD.

STDs can lead to serious complications to your overall health, especially if left untreated. For people with an STD are at least 2 to 5 times more likely to contract HIV, the virus which leads to AIDS. 2

More than 1 in 3 female teens that’ve had sex have an STD. 3 As your number of partners and sexual encounters increases, your risk of contracting an STD increases dramatically.

What is Your STD Risk Ratio?

Do you have all the facts on STDs? And, do you know the real risks for Women’s Health and sexually transmitted diseases? Call White Oak Women’s Center Today.The majority of STDs go undiagnosed because symptoms are not recognized or are very mild. An infected individual can share an STD with their partner before ever realizing they have one. Because they are often asymptomatic, it’s important to be tested.

White Oak Women’s Center provides STD testing and treatment for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (for pregnant patients only). Schedule a free appointment.


For full panel STD testing, contact your doctor or local health department:

Whiteside County Health Department – Call 815-626-2230

Lee County Health Department – Call 815-284-3371

Ogle County Health Department – Call 815-732-7330 x299 (chlamydia and gonorrhea only)

Carroll County Health Department – Call 815-244-8855 (chlamydia, ghonorrhea, and HIV only)


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