As your number of partners and sexual encounters increases over time, your risk of contracting an STD increases dramatically.

The number of people you have been sexually exposed to is not measured by only your number of sexual partners.

Take a look here at the Sexual Exposure Chart to gain an insight into why the risk for STD exposure increases as your number of sexual partners increases. Source: West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources

See how these numbers are calculated.

Source: Concerned

Many STDs are asymptomatic (don’t display symptoms) or have very mild symptoms and therefore go undiagnosed. 1 This can lead to an infected partner sharing it with an uninfected partner before realizing he or she has the infection. This is also why some scientists call STDs the “hidden epidemic”; many people who are infected don’t display symptoms and only realize they have an STD once they are tested. Anyone who is sexually active should be regularly tested for STDs – even when monogamy is assumed.

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