Free Women’s Reproductive Health Clinic

White Oak Women’s Center offers ALL services for FREE.

That’s not a lie. There’s no fine print. There’s no subscription fee applied later. There’s no bill going to be received in the mail. We offer our services for free.


  • FREE pregnancy test
  • FREE ultrasound
  • FREE STD testing
  • FREE pre-termination evaluation
  • FREE options consultation
  • FREE answers to the questions you need answered to make a decision that is right for you


So, what does it mean for you, aside from the fact that there’s no financial cost to you? It means we have no vested interest in your decision. We provide you the information you need in a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential environment for your sake, not our own. White Oak Women’s Center is 100% community funded. We receive no government funding, no corporate funding and no grants. White Oak Women’s Center does not profit from any decision you choose to make… we are not an abortion clinic and we are not an adoption agency. We receive no financial gain from your decision and this means that you receive information that is unbiased and factual. The information we provide our patients is purely for the sake of making an informed decision about their pregnancy.

It seems too good to be true.

It isn’t! We want you to have all the facts, to be fully armed with a knowledge of all your options so that you can face your future with confidence. We are not in the business of talking you into anything or talking you out of anything. We believe the right belongs to a woman to be fully informed of her choices. We are your advocate. We are your medical, emotional and spiritual support should you need it. We are here to serve any woman facing unintended pregnancy and to help her make the decision that is right for her.

We are White Oak Women’s Center.


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